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Electronic Imaging / Scanning of Documents

  • Paper conversion to electronic image
  • Document scanning (any size 3"x5" to 11"x17")
  • Cheque imaging with MICR capture
  • Plans, Maps, Architectural & Engineering drawings ("A" -"E" sizes)
  • Bi-level (black & white), greyscale & colour scanning
  • Standard resolutions up to 600 dpi
  • Superior document image quality using the latest technologies
  • Image conversion to industry standard TIFF, PDF image & other non-proprietary formats (i.e. TIFF uncompressed, LZW compressed, CCITT Group III & IV compressed; CALS; CALS-MIL D spec.; Greyscale TIFF & JPEG; Colour TIFF and JPEG, PDF image, PDF text & image, etc. )
  • Output options include CD, DVD, Optical and complete internet support (including EIS customized web delivery and secure hosting services)

:: Typical IMAGE Applications
  • Applications requiring immediate access, file sharing or distribution of documents
  • Any high volume, high retrieval activity applications
    • Cheques & MICR indexing
    • Payment Processing (remittance forms, cheques, etc.)
    • Application Processing (application forms & support documents)
    • Accounts Payable (vouchers, purchase orders, bills of lading, shipping & receiving documents, proof of delivery, etc.)
    • Customer and Account Files
    • Insurance and Policy Files
    • Claims Processing, Adjusting, Investigation & Settlement Files
    • Legal Case Files - Litigation Support
    • Employee Files
    • Medical Files
    • Contracts
:: Benefits of "Full-Service Imaging" - The EIS Advantage
  • Secure document pickup via EIS
  • Full document preparation
  • 24x7 operations centre & 24x7 document recall services available
  • High volume conversion facility
  • Superior quality document imaging technologies
  • Secure on-site storage and destruction services
  • EIS customized Web hosting and retrieval services for any application(s)
  • Off-site original or back-up media storage and retrieval
  • Optional micrographic output for archival backup and disaster recovery

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