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Microfilm Conversion To Electronic Format

  • Microfilm and Microfiche Conversion to Electronic Image
    • Scanning and digitization of 16 & 35mm roll microfilm
    • Scanning and digitization of 35mm aperture cards
    • Scanning and digitization of 105mm microfiche and jackets
  • Image conversion to indutry standard bi-level (B&W) and greyscale TIFF
  • Superior image quality using the latest technologies & image enhancement
  • Image conversion to industry standard TIFF, PDF image & other non-proprietary formats (i.e. TIFF uncompressed, LZW compressed, CCITT Group III & IV compressed; CALS; CALS-MIL D spec.; Greyscale TIFF & JPEG; PDF image, etc. )
  • Output options include CD, DVD, Optical and complete internet support (including EIS customized web delivery and secure hosting services)
  • Selective & on-demand film scanning service from EIS Data Warehouse (service where EIS stores & retrieves your documents, microfilm/fiche, etc. for on-demand requests & selective conversion as required)

:: Benefits of Microfilm Scanning & Imaging Services
  • Eliminate the cost & need for microfilm viewing & printing equipment, maintenance, etc.
  • Low cost method of converting microfilm stores to image (backlog or on-demand selective scanning)
  • Eliminate the need for on-site storage & maintenance of microfilm stores
  • Digitize as required from proven, time tested storage medium


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