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Image Archiving - Image To Microfilm Conversion Services

  • Electronic Image Archiving Services
    • Conversion from electronic image to 16mm microfilm for archival & legal purposes
    • Archiving of inactive electronic image files to microfilm (for secure long term storage)
    • Analog back-up ("insurance policy") for electronic imaging systems & technological changes
    • 16mm CAR based film archive with indexing for expedient retrieval & audit trail

:: Typical Image Arching to Microfilm Applications
  • Applications with large volumes and low retrieval activity
  • Long term storage & legal archiving applications
  • Long term "analog" back-up for important imaging applications
    • Insurance files
    • Payroll records
    • Human Resources & Personnel Files
    • Any important documents
:: Benefits of Image Arching to Microfilm
  • Lowest cost per Mb for long-term retention & storage
  • Proven, time tested storage medium
  • Not affected by rapid changes in technology
  • Analog medium - Human "eye-ball" readable
  • Inexpensive back-up & insurance policy for important image based documents


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