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Cheque Imaging & Fraud Detection Services


Cheque fraud is a $20 billion a year problem in North America. Most corporations have taken little action to protect themselves.

EIS products and services can reduce and in some cases eliminate this type of exposure for companies doing business in North America today.

Solution: Electronic Imaging Systems has developed a unique service (patent pending) which will identify and report any MICR line and Payee Name discrepancies found on your cheques, with the intent to preserve cheque recourse according to CPA regulations. The EIS Fraud Detection service is a proven technology that is being used successfully by numerous EIS corporate clients, including two major Canadian banks.

This fraud detection service can be implemented immediately , without risk, and with minimum disruption to staff or current procedures. It requires minimal I.T. involvement and no front-end capital investment.

"The Payee Match Cheque Imaging Service caught a fraudulent item that our bank and we would have missed. The service found and reported the suspect item, which we could view from their secure web site, allowing us to make a "No Pay" decision within 24 hours of the bank's clearing process. In addition, the features of the secure website hosting our cheques save us hours of reconciliation and look-up time everyday." - Major Canadian & US Manufacturer

Senior executives, board members and audit commitee members deserve the protection this system offers. Contact EIS to arrange for a personal demonstration utilizing your own corporate cheques..


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