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Why Choose EIS?

  • Electronic Imaging Systems has over 27 years of experience in information processing and conversion projects, application design, configuration and implementation of customized solutions for many different applications. Our positive experience gained over the years in implementing sucessful imaging programs for major organizations, government and different industries, gives us a unique perspective on your information handling challenges.

"EIS provided us with a truly unique and effective approach to our document conversion challenges. The wealth of knowledge, hands on assistance and valuable recommendations provided by EIS, helped us to not only finish our project on-time but also under budget." - Major Provincial Government

Why outsource?

The following are just a few reasons why outsourcing your document & information handling and systems requirements to EIS make sense, including bottom-line "dollars & cents" savings.

  • "Best-In Class" Hardware, Software and Systems - EIS invests in best-in-class hardware, software and systems to deliver customer solutions at a reasonable cost.
  • Eliminate or Reduce Related Capital Cost and Expenditures - EIS invests in best-in-class hardware, software, systems, etc. to deliver your requirements. The industry and systems used to deliver these solutions change rapidly requiring frequent replacement and upgrading to stay productive and competive.
  • Focus on Core Competencies - Companies have limited resources and need to allocate them in a way that maximizes their return. By shifting more resources into your core activities, you will be able to leverage them and enhance your competitiveness. Let us show you how our core competencies can assist your business.

To discuss your specific application requirements contact EIS to arrange for a free personal, no-obligation, one hour consultation.


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