Back-Office Transaction Processing & Reconciliation Services

EIS is a centralized collection portal for paper, fax and email submissions which can be merged and reconciled against existing internal or external data to provide a more complete indexed package.

All client data is entered and stored in a secure, EIS web-enabled document management and data hosting system…. a complete and customized turnkey solution. Managing client data in this manner enhances data security and maintenance, while facilitating internal auditing and reporting requirements.

Web-enabled workflow and data reconciliation tools enable clients to access the system online directly with no need for software licensing, installation or maintenance.

Back-office staff have immediate access to data reconciliation and validation, file sharing and distribution thereby reducing data search times and hard copy handling costs.

Benefits of EIS Back-Office Transaction Processing & Reconciliation Services

  • Significantly reduces cost over manual data entry
  • Immediate access to relevant data
  • File sharing and distribution capabilities both internally and externally
  • Improved customer experience
  • Facilitates internal audit requirements

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